Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Biblical error of catastrophic proportions...

So my wife has come up with a great idea to start teaching the kids some Bible verses and has made up the creative fun cards that we leave on the dining table and discuss during meals. For me I'm hoping not only will the kids start to remember them but to also match the words visually to what they're saying and will help them learn to read. (I've been trying to teach Noah how to sound out words so he can start to read's not been as productive as I like but I keep at it hoping the light will come on; he is only 3 right now.) We also work with Noah on some sight words too.

So back to dinner tonight and Noah is repeating the first first that he's memorized:

"As for me and my house, we will server the Lord." - Joshua 24:15

He knows it and can recite word for word. Not bad, he makes his Daddy proud. Next up is the second verse he's working on and he proudly recites it:

"Be kind to one another and chop each other up." 

I almost spit my spoonful of spaghetti all over the table. Melissa and I were laughing too hard to correct him. Yes you read that right he said CHOP each other up. LOL.The verse should say:

"Be kind to one another and build each other up." - 1 Thessalonians 5:11

If you don't think God has a sense of humor, hang around a kid. :) 

And yes we did correct him. Hey, at least he got the be kind part right.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Puzzling puzzles...

Back when Noah was 2, we had gotten a 25 piece Veggie Tales puzzle. He was fascinated by it and we soon learned that our high energy boy would happily sit quietly while working on it. He would do it over and over.
Since then we have gotten him more puzzles to work on and he still loves to do them. We've been letting him do 50 - 60 piece puzzles. Yesterday, I gave him his first 100 piece puzzle. It was pretty challenging being that most of the puzzle was green and blue (frogs, grass, and water). After 2.5 - 3 hrs of intense focus and encouragement, he finished it by himself. He was so happy, and I was so proud of him for not giving up. Guess it's time to find some more puzzles...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Comical Statements Uttered in a Serious Manner

So I haven't updated this blog in a while. Been too busy chasing the little ones to write about them. Noah has reached that age where he is a sponge with vocabulary and is putting phrases and sentences together. Sometimes this results in a comical statement uttered from his lips in the most serious of manners. As these lovable moments arise over the past couple months I've been trying to make mental notes of the things he says. But now I think I'll start documenting them here so I don't forget. Will be fun for the kids to see when they're older.

So I'll kick this off with a statement he made back before Christmas. We were at a favorite local pizza joint, Fox's Pizza for dinner with a bunch of friends one night. True to their name they have a Fox for a mascot and the Fox was out and about greeting the kids. At one point during the evening Noah needed to go potty. On the way to the potty we spotted the Fox going in the ladies room.

Noah made the obvious statement, "Dad that fox is going potty."

"Yes son, even foxes have to go potty sometimes," I replied.

"That's silly dad."

"Why's that silly?"

"He should use the grass," Noah responded very seriously.

So there you go, my son's logic makes perfect sense. Foxes, like dogs, should use the grass. I could hardly keep a straight face...