Saturday, August 30, 2008

Noah Starts School- Mother's Morning Out

Our church (my work) hosts our county's only Mother's Morning Out Program. Sean and I decided to enroll Noah in the program so he could have a few hours of socialization each week and be close to me at work. We were excited when we got Noah's acceptance letter earlier this summer. Little man is the youngest student at MMO (only by a month though) and mainly sleeps the entire time right now but we are looking forward to seeing him grow and learn new things during this school year. Here are a few pictures of Noah on his first day, August 28th. His teachers are Mrs. Jodi and Mrs. Brenda. As you can see in the first photo he was doing a great job of melting his teacher's heart right away when he arrived. He turned on the Hessenthaler charm for the big day!

Noah's 2 Month Check-up

On August 6th we took Noah for his two month check-up. We were pleased by his weight gain and growth. He weighed 11 pounds 2 ounces and was 24 inches long. He's in the 60-70 percentile for his age! His new growth has prompted us to start pulling out bigger clothes for him to wear. During our visit Noah also got his first round of immunizations. Needless to say he did not like getting shots! He cried and screamed in a tone we had never heard. Mommy and baby were both in tears the entire time! Hopefully his 4 month check-up will go better. Now that he's gotten his immunizations he's ready to start school (well, MMO).

Breaking In The Bumbo

We have been working with Little Man on sitting up in an assisted sitting position for a few weeks now and thought he might have the head support to try the Bumbo. Of course I pulled out the camera for the big occasion! He did a great job of sitting and holding his head up for nearly 20 minutes. He even grabs at items sitting on the tray in front of him now. We've also recently started working with him on pushing keys on a little piano and it's quite funny to watch him flail his arms around and unintentionally hit a key. He smiles in amusement and we clap and laugh! He's darling! :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Going to Work with Mom

I headed back to work on Monday, August 4, 2008 after two months of maternity leave. We are so fortunate that Noah can come to work with me during the week. I snapped a few photos of my "co-worker" on his first day of work. He and I had a wonderful day together! He slept a little, worked a little (on holding his head up), spit up a little, and laughed a lot! His joyous spirit is just what we needed in our office! His smile is contagious and takes me off task often! We are blessed to be able to have him with us everyday!